Picket, paling, pool, modular walls and everything in between.

Fences can be a prominent feature of your property or they can be a necessary structure to provide security and privacy. Either way, painting can help your fence perform the way you want it to.

If you want your fence to fade into the background and enhance the area around it then generally painting it a dark colour will help it to become 'invisible'. A perfect example is a cream pool fence which we resprayed charcoal, allowing the eye to travel through the fence to the pool beyond. A budget friendly option over replacing with glass. Similarly paling fences painted a dark colour can enhance your greenery and make your yard seem larger.

Picket fences on the other hand are commonly built as a feature and look wonderful when freshly painted. While they can be daunting to paint for the home owner, we are skilled at making them (and your home) look their best.

We have painted kilometres of modular wall fencing for new housing estates in Melbournes' suburbs. Modular walls are a very stylish option and are able to be painted to complement your home.

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